Service Laptops or Desktops before Christmas only £50
Order New Laptops for Christmas Today!!!! Only £350 Includes setup and data transfer.

The Service cost of our laptops and desktops is £45. This includes making your computer secure and also making it run faster and smoother. We also secure tablets and phones and well!!


The Samsung Watch will soon be here! Keep an eye on our shop window for the latest in technology. 


I.Tech is one today!!! Thank you to all the customers and everyone who has supported us throughout the past year.


The beautiful Lenovo Core I5 laptop is now in stock. This very high spec laptop has 8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard-disk and a brushed purple aluminium exterior.  It's yours today for only £450!!!!!!!!!


We custom build computers that can be water cooled and come in your favourite colours - please ring for details. And remember, our online trading website will be launched SOON!!!!!!!!!!


The Google Nexus is now in stock and the Targus laptops cases with colour mice have also just arrived.